Safety is always IMI’s number one priority. At IMI, we believe that every accident is preventable. Together with our contractors and partners, we commit to safety and make sure that this philosophy is implemented in every part of the project that IMI is involved in.
Our approach towards safety does not allow our employees to take any risk. They don’t do the work if it is not safe.
Project safety initiatives have always been focused in two main areas, worker safety and the safety of residents in the construction areas of the projects we are involved in.
All workers must wear personal protective equipment suitable to their tasks, such as hard hats, steel-toed boots, gloves, eye protection goggles, etc.
On site, a meeting identifies safety hazards before proceeding with a task, using a formal Job Safety Analysis procedure to develop solutions for handling each hazard.
At worksites, a rigorous process of ongoing safety analysis helps anticipate and prevent accidents. Any serious accidents that do take place are carefully investigated and analyzed in order to prevent future similar incidents.
n addition, road guards are posted in construction areas and strict speed limits are imposed on project vehicles traveling in the project area due to challenging road conditions that mix construction vehicles with ox carts, poor roads, and pedestrians.