Industrial Maintenance International is a global provider of technician and engineer workforce for the Oil & Gas Industry. Either you are looking for a highly skilled professional or seeking work, IMI provides you with the best solution.
At IMI, we value that the success of a project depends on choosing the right people to fill every need of the project.
Partnering with our organization will provide you with the most innovative technical solutions and advantages.
Executive Search
All over the world, IMI continues to search for highly qualified technicians and engineers for the oil and gas and construction industries.

Being a leader in recruitment and with the support of our global network members in Philippines, Chad, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Thailand, we are able to supply you with highly qualified personnel all over the world.
Our combined professional experience and knowledge in the oil & gas industry allows us to furnish candidates corresponding to client requests in a very short timeframe.

Advertised Selection
IMI’s high profile, integrity and credibility encourage candidates to apply for positions.

Methodologies in recruitment differ from one place to another, from one country to another. In many countries, well designed, strategically placed advertisements, either in newspapers or on internet sites is an efficient way to draw attention to candidates.
We, at IMI, receive on a daily basis an average of 50 new applicants who would like us to introduce them in our database. These qualified workers are sent by current and former IMI employees who recommend IMI. This word of mouth channel is our most efficient advertising tool.
We have an average of 3000 employees on the different worksites around the world at any given time, which contributes to the word of mouth phenomena.

Database Search
IMI is keeping a data base with more than 12 000 resumes, all Filipinos. Almost all of the engineers, skilled and semi-skilled personnel supplied have worked with us since a long time on different work sites. Added to this, we also have several thousands of other resumes through all our other established offices in Thailand, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria & the USA.

We have our own custom made computerized personnel data base system which keeps track of the employment of all our workers in all the different work site locations around the world. This data base is constantly maintained and updated by our IMI employees in all our offices in the world and on a daily basis.
The use of this database offers elevated quality candidates to clients, joined with speed and efficiency.
Candidates privacy is protected and they have latent access to some of the world’s major employers in a diversity of industries.

Contract Employment
Being the best global technical assistance provider, IMI offers services of providing selected personnel on its payroll but under the supervision of clients. This means that all of the personnel supplied remain employees of IMI. This method of working collaboration has shown tremendous success in all of our projects.

Whether it is for a short or a long term, temporary or a permanent assignment, we deliver by providing the best solutions and guaranteed success.